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Mobian Anatomy practice by CurtZeNinja
Mobian Anatomy practice
Just something simple these are little practices for future commissions of mine :), Male, Male Classic, Female & Female classic anatomy practice, I didn't want to add to many features to the classic female, so I just changed the chest fur to a more curved heart shape, I think it fits nicely :)
I'm awful at female anatomy but i'm actally REALLY happy with how the female in this one came out!

Cylent Nite Icon by CurtZeNinja
Cylent Nite Icon
Happy (Late) Birthday to Cylent-Nite! Was on holiday when it was his birthday so It's slightly late but better late than never right?

tried making my own little Icon in the style of the Advance games, I'm really happy with the outcome so I hope you all like it!

Silence the Hedgehog belongs to Cylent-Nite go give them a watch!

on another note, I'm thinking of doing these as commissions for around $10, let me know if you're interested!


CurtZeNinja's Profile Picture
Curtis Moore
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
i am 18 years old, I love gaming and anything involving graphics, and am at college studying painting and Decorating! :3

i also occassionaly upload youtube videos xD
This entry is just a little information page I will link to everyone from now on who decides to purchase art from me.
So if you don't plan on it, you can ignore this.

I own full copyright over all art pieces, payed or not, and I may use it in other places, dependant on if I need it or not, I will NEVER commercially use a purchased piece and would never resell it, I expect the same in return.

You have THE RIGHTS OF USE, meaning you can only USE it for decorative, non-commercial purposes (e.g display picture, youtube banner, headers etc..) on here or any other website. However, you do not have copyright to the piece, so you may not claim credit for the artwork. When using it, please credit me with a link to either my DA page, Twitter, or Youtube. You CANNOT re-upload it ANYWHERE UNLESS you ask me first.

YOU CANNOT USE THE PIECE(S) FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES BY ANY MEANS (e.g selling prints of my art, selling merchandise with my art printed on it) UNLESS  you purchased a shirt design or something similar.


If you will be purchasing a piece of art from me, there are several rules you must follow, which are as follows, if you do not accept these rules, do not buy a piece from me. I own copyright to all of my art pieces uploaded here on DeviantArt and/or anywhere else they may be posted, improper use of these pieces is a breach of this copyright and is prohibited.

1. DO NOT alter the piece in anyway without permission from me.

2. DO NOT Trace, recolour, or draw over the piece.

3. DO NOT attempt to resell, or give the art piece(s) to anyone else, it is for you the purchaser, or the person you have gifted it to, and nobody else.

4. DO NOT use as part of a giveaway, or competition, art purchased from me is for personal and decorative use only, unless stated otherwise.

5. DO NOT repost or reupload any of my work on to any other art sharing website.

6. GIVE CREDIT wherever and whenever you use the piece(s), despite paying, I still require credit for my work when credit is due.

By allowing me to draw a character that belongs to you by commission, you GIVE ME FULL PERMISSION to reupload it on any site or display it anywhere I may choose.

TL;DR: You are the OWNER of the commissioned piece(s), you do not own the COPYRIGHT to the piece(s) you payed for, the only exception to this rule is for Logos, which you do own the copyright for.

It's understandable if you are unaware of copyright laws/violations, therefore if the violation does not seem intentional, I will contact you explaining my terms of use and will ask you to remove the artwork or give proper credit. 

Failure to comply with my terms will result in: 
-Confiscation of your rights to use the artwork (no refund will be issued, and the artwork will be permanently removed from deviantart or any other websites) if the artwork is for you
-Reporting to staff on any affected websites 
-Request of takedown of the artwork from any affected websites to staff 

In severe cases, appropriate legal cation may be taken if my work is stolen and used for monetary gain. 

However, if it appears that you intentionally violated my terms of use/copyright laws, no warning will be issued and the above actions will be taken immediately. 

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